Irah Aizi
Monday, December 06, 2010

Niat dihati nak pergi tengok KimHyunjoong, but end up taking picture with 8tv crews. LOL!
(i look fat with that dress)
What were their names again? Baki is it? and.. Mike? Ha! Ye kot?

Anyway!!!! HE IS SOOOOO HANDSOME!! I mean Kimhyunjoong!

He is sooooooooooooo white and and and.. kyaaaa......!!!!
(Haish! I need DSLR!! PLEASE lah!!! Phone camera is awful!)

Jya! clear pictures of him. (This is when he said 'don't push and stay calm' with a hand gesture. He is just too adorable!)
Picture credit to Hyuniversal.

And Hanan get to meet Jay Park! I wanna see Jay Park as well!
Hanan-yah~ Lucky you!!! ♥

Last but not least, Hyunjoong is a handsome guy! Haha

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