7G 8th Hangout

Irah Aizi
Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hahahahahaahahahahahah! 8th hangout! Freaking Cool!
We are having a Hot Times together! ^_^

Okay! Today we all went to The Curve. First time I went to The Curve. It is sooooo big!
We went for Karaoke again, at Redbox. (adoi! asyik2 karaoke aje)
Amal, Farra, Soya, Farizan, Najah, Wanie, Masd joined today! Finally Masd joined. Haha!

At the redbox, we had soooooo much fun before Najah's guy arrive. (kuikuikui)
Starter song was 2PM's I'll Be Back. Damn! We totally hit the floor with our so-not-shuffle!
But it was sooo fun! Very2 fun! Let's shuffle weirdly again next time hehe
And then we sang to a few songs, as usual Bieber's song is a must! ♥ Somebody to loooooveeee.. haha!

Then after Najah's BF(so-called-H) arrived, we sat down so innocently. muhuhahah
We are not used around boys (yeah right! LOL) tipu je tu~
Najah even brought 2 more boys. Damn! Not cool, man! (Apehal aku asyik mencarut je ni?)
Then, we sang a few more songs, after the boys took over.
Got to admit, the boys' songs were VERY classy *tangan di dada, mata ke atas* (mmg tak ah!)

Oh! by the way, foods at Redbox@Thecurve were NOT nice! I mean..it was okay, but not as nice as buffet in Pavi. Kahkahkahkah!
And then, they don't wanna go home yet, because it's still early. So we decided to watch a movie. Planning to watch 'Tron' or 'Narnia', but we end up watching 'A Soul To Take'. It's a horror movie, and it was Okay. Horror movies, duhh!
Before that we went to solat, and took a few pictures..

We were just about to go home quite early, but then Farra dragged us to eat IKEA's meatballs. It was VERY  delicious, fantastic, elastic~ hahaha. I mean it is freaking good!
I wanna eat that meatballs again! Jebal!

We go home around 7:30pm something like that... Anak dara balik rumah maghrib?
I'm not a kid anymore. I am a grown up! But without my own money. Muhuahahha

It was a very very awesome super duper freaking happy day to me and all of us!
Just wish that all 10 members of 7G were there, it will make the day perfect!
We miss Myra a lot! Haven't seen her for a while..

More to come! Hot Times! ♥

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