7G 7th Hangout

Irah Aizi
Monday, December 13, 2010

Breakfast + Wangsa Walk.

9:00am and RM2.40 in my wallet.
Farra, Farizan, Soya, Sya and me had our breakfast at usual place, Kayu~~
hehehe.. We get chocolates from Farra.
At that time, we are SERIOUSLY full!!!

And a very3 interesting thing happened today!
We get to humiliate Soya, because she humiliated herself at the first place..kahkahkahkah
She called the mamak 'err.. Mak~' as in 'mamak'
and we were like.. "buhuahahhahaha!! FARAH SOYA! what did u just called him?"
Damn funny! Just can't stop laughing when we just only hear the word 'mak' very clearly!
And Wanie dropped by to say goodbye to us, since she's going to Singapore for holiday with family.

11:00am and RM0 in my wallet.
Nothing much to do, so we just go for a drive...
And got lost in Wangsa Maju... hahahahaha!

Lastly, we found Wangsa Walk. Haha

Then we went to eat Wafer at A&W (like I said, we are FULL, but Sya keep buying us foods to eat.Haiz~)
I should have said 'Farizan pun~ bila kau nak bayar hutang kan pun aku~?' when asking for money~ hahahaha

And then Izan found Sya's muka bersepah! hahahahaha
We take pictures with a stuff animal that resemble us...konon~

1:00pm and RM26 in my wallet.
(because Izan ada hutang kan pun dgn aku~)
So suddenly I have money in my wallet when I get home. Haha!

It was so nice to hang out with them.. I have the reason to laugh when I am with them...

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