Syaitan dh keluar!

Irah Aizi
Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yay! I am heal already...
Maybe Syaitan has come out from my body...

Hmm... Although I am being evil just now.. but. well...
I'm fine now..

Skejap je meradang... nanges 2 jam.. sejam lpas nanges, terus sembuh..

I am Heal!!!

Tp renye dendam kat quddus tu ade lg kot....
Saya ni kn sensetif.. jd cpt terase sket...
So jgn la bwt saye cepat terase ye... Nnt bleh marah...
Peringatan sekali lagi kepada teman2 ku, jangan la sakitkn hati saye ye..
Sbb saye dh sayang korang sangat2.
Jangan la bg sayang saya pada korang hilang mcm tu je... Araseo!?

Yah! Chingu-ya!! Since I already love you very much, don't ever hurt me, Ok?! Don't make my love for you guys fades away by your ignorance.. Arasseo??!

Wae???!! My heart easily forgive people... and now I already feel 'nevermind' to Quddus for stealing my food. But I don't want to forgive him, until he apologize.. Which he won't since he is too Pabbo!

That's why Amaya left me... :( She knows I will forgive her no matter what..

Aish.. Wae talk about her??? STOP it!!



Today, class as usual.. From 8:45AM until 3PM..
Economy class and Quantitative Methods.

I studied about Demand and Supply...
If the Price Increased, the Demand of the goods will decrease, but in other hand the supply of the goods will Increas.

Hahahahah... I know you won't understand... hahah..

Owh! I didn't tell you about my Quantitative Method's teacher yet, right??
He is soooooo CUTE and adorable!!
Although he is old, but he is so cute...
The old small chinese fella... hahaha.. He is so cute..
The name's Mr. KC
I took his picture this morning, but since I cannot find my USB, so I can't show you how cute he is..
But later I'll show, after find my USB...
I promise!!

He is so adorable whenever he talks.. He'll talk and then make a few jokes, then he laugh by himself... Like a cute cuddle laugh..
OMO!! so cute!! Fell like want to pinch his cheek!!

He is so funny, he once makes me laugh..
On the other day, he opened the class door to go out, but as just he opens the door, a young girl was singing something..
Then suddenly he stops... He was like terkaku because as he just opens the door, he stop moving and frozen....

and like 1 second later, he moves and go out :p

Well, it's hard to explain... If you were in the class, you would laugh and said he is adorable...
Oh, and that time EVERYBODY in the class did laugh out loud...

OMO!! he is so cute!!! Hahahaha.... The old cute fella.. :D

I will show you his picture later!!.. Promise!

That's for today....

TOMORROW also class from morning to evening!!!
Thank god I'll not fasting for tomorrow! Nasi campur.. here I come!

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