Many things happened today!

Irah Aizi
Friday, August 14, 2009

OWH! I promise to show Mr. KC 's picture, right?
Jjang!! This is HIM!!!
He is small and cute!!! Uwaaa! Everytime Quantitative Method classes, I am always excited to go!!! Kyaaa~

Owh, btw... This is his way of teaching us addmath...
Mwo ya ige!!?? It is complicated, right? But if you are in class.. You'll understands.. :p

This is my Addmath work! Hahaha.... Every classes we are having tutorial.. Like a small open-book test.... EVERY TIME! This one is quadratic Equations... :) Still remember.. so I finish early!

And this is our 'boring but interesting' Malaysian Studies lecturer!
Mr. Raja! He is.... not malay! :p
He is Chindian! His mother Chinese, his father Indian... So.. he end up having a Malay face!!
Mix! huhu hebat tuuu~~
He always make jokes.. That's why the class always never boring!!! Huhu...

OK!! And now~~~

CHAK!!! today is friday.. So it is clear that I will go round2 around my College.. Like Petaling Street, Central Market, Masjid India dan sebagainye...


I went to Central Market just this afternoon!
It was break time.. I went to go search for place to eat lunch, then I stopped by at the JukeBox store....

What else, trying new clothes.. Hahahhaa...

The cloth that I tried..... (2 sides of these dress!)

#1 Wuhuuuu~~
Nice dress right??? it looks like Kak Nach's style, right Anya?!
Because it's like a dress with a skirt... Huhu...

#2 This dress picked by Alia...
Cute, right?? Huhu.. This one is nice! Like the style..
Like Korean2 gituuuu~~~

#3 This one... (Mate kelip2)
Huhuhu.. THis one is cute! I like the Renda2... So nice!
And acctually, it is Orange... BRIGHT ORANGE! But the Lighting from the camera makes the dress looks like orange-ish red...
This dress in SOOOOO nice on me, but too bad, not 'L' size.. Only 'M'...
Omma and Appa will KICK me out of the house if I wear that!!

#4 This dress... Lalalal.. (bersiul) -xbaik siul malam2!! Syaitan beranak! (bak kate omma la..)-
This one also picked by Alia.. It is soooo nice on me too but i prefer the other.. This dress is too light.. and maybe will be blown by wind if I wear this... Hahaha ^_^"(ringan sangat ke!!?)

#5 This one... hmm... I LOVE this dress.. Makes me look like a baby! :p
Right? right? I do look like a baby, right? Omo! Omo!
The first picture here, I look like wearing a baby dress.. Uhuk uhuk! (batuk lg.. aish.. mmg tgh batuk pn skrg ni..sakit dade ku kerana batuk kuat sgt..)

#6 AND FINALLY!!! The dress that I BOUGHT!
This one look so plain.. but it's cute~ It is soooo plain.. even the dress, If you touch it.. look so plain and cheap...
Though it is cheap.. -.-" RM15 only... But still look nice on me!!!
Right? Nice... right?

I am sooo happy today! I got a dress! Tomorrow want to wear it to go to JayaJusco with Sya lah!!~~ Huhu!!~~

After that, we hit the KFC!!!

Ahaks~ Besarnyeee!!~~
I eat the full plate costs RM10.25
Will put it inside my Ledger Book! Hahahaha..
Sooooooooo DELICIOUS! finally I got to eat KFC after craving for about 4 weeks!
I also talked and chatted with ALia inside the KFC..
We talked VERY LOUD!
Until I noticed everybody look slack at us!
Uwaaaa!! Embarrass!!
Will not go there anymore!!!

Owh, and while going back to the college, we saw Melaka tourist, lost her way too the PuduRaya to go back Melaka... Waaa.. I am sooo nice, I show her the way to 'PuduRaya'.. Ahaks~ I am sooo good and nice! Amin~~
She thanked me.. Hopefully she went back safe to Melaka...
Orang kampung haku tuuuu~~~

Owh! In the LRT!!!
Ape nk jadi la dunia sekarang ni...???? Mmg dh nk kiamat.. Pompuan bertudung pn sanggup tunjuk bende xsenonoh ni kt depan org awam.. dh la masih budak skola.. Agaknye klau mak dorg nmpk ni... mati dorg! And laki tu pengawas lg.. :-&
tch tch tch.. bg la contoh teladan yg baik sket.....

Ya Allah! Bagi la mereka pelajaran.....

At first, the guy holds her hands.. Then touches her cheek..
OMG! Aku tgk pn dose... MashaAllah! Then that girl also... picit2 laki tu punye pipi kuat2.. olololo... manje la konon tu... Astargfirullah!!
Mmg dunia ni dh nk kiamat... Btol kate along! Saye tgkp gamba tngn tu je.. Jijik nk tunjuk n save muke mangse2 syaitan ni dlm HP gua!... Agak xsenonoh dan membuatkn saye jijik...
Agaknye laki tu perasan saye tgk dye agaknye.. sbb tu dye konon2 nk tunjuk yg dye ade Pompuan la tu!!
Bluuueeek!! Nak MUNTAH AKU TENGOK!!

Ya Allah, tunjukkanlah hamba mu ini ke jalan yang benar! Jangan la engkau sesatkan aku! Lindungilah aku dari hasutan Syaitan.

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