He is Ok now, I guess...

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Study time!! Today 6 hours straight I have class! HAiz~

Class is getting nosier and nosier... EVERYBODY found their 'talk buddy' and whenever or wherever, they only talk talk talk...
I am not a talkative person if not with 7G. Sometimes with 7G also I didn't talk much...

LOOK! thy are all talking and chatting with each other!! Aigoo!!

ahah!!! Good news!
Today he talks back with his friends... He looks ok now. I did see his smile, but not to me.. obvious :p I wish he smile at me again.. But seeing him smiling and start talking with his friends, makes me feel good. So I won't always looked at him (which one day, someone will notice that I like him! Omo..omo!!) And I won't be worrying about him anymore..
He have friends now.

Today in class... well.... kinda.. boring... So... we take picture time!! Hahahah

This is Alia-Ira-Rowena!! Rowena is filipino girl. Huhu I have real-life filipino friend!! buhahahah
Owh, and idk what was Alia doing besides me? forgive her, please do! Hahaha

This is in Accounting class.

Owh, and talking about accounting, Mr. Onny called me 'Maz' but then I insist, and ask him to call me Ira or Shairah. But it end up embarrassing. Mwo ya ige??
Hehe.. Not a big deal though, Mr. Onny ask me why he can't call me 'Maz'? And he said "It's my class, so I want to call you Maz!"
Mwo ya!!?? It's my name! My name, my choice la! Aigoo!!
He kept babbling about me don't want him to call 'Maz'.. Aigoo.. Please stop! So embarrass! ^_^" hahaha...
Owh btw, the reason why I don't want me to be called 'Maz' because of I am not sure of the meaning. Like 'Shairah' it has its own meaning, so whenever people call me 'Shairah' it's like a pray to me. Ah~ You know what I mean!

This is Mr. Onny. But I only can take his picture from his back, So this is the result. Always with his 'Ketayap'...

Now! In Economy class. Hmm..
Here is Mr. Antoney. Some call him Mr. Benny. Idk his real "REAL" name is? But I call him Mr. Antoney in the first place right? So going to call him that till the end.
Mr Antoney must be really busy1 Look at him, didn't even notice me take his picture. Hahah

Me and Rowena!

Well, today she talked about her experienced being robbed by 3 men in Philippines. Poor her. All of her things been stolen. She even been force with a knife! ANDWEAAA!!! X_X
And she have the knife's scar on her belly.. I mean.. stomach.. :p
After that, she won't go out at night again! That's a good thing to do!!

Smile to the camera!!!

I told you! We are not the "talking" kind of group. So we spend more time taking pictures instead of talking. But don't say we are boring group or stuff! WE DO chat!! But not as noisy as the others! We are the good girls! :p
Poor Rowena, she have headache with all the noisy2 voices in class..

Last but not least... We starts Bluetooth the pictures.. hahaha..

Today in Economy class, Mr. Antoney was soooo funny! He keep doing his gesture thingy about Wii Video games.. Haha.. He said he had headache whenever see his son playing the video games..
The Video game is nice though. It use our movement to play the games.. Like in tennis, we swing our hands like playing real tennis, then it'll shows on the screen. Hmm..
I can't stop laughing looking him doing the hand thingy while trying to play the games..

Owh, Today I fast!! Doing the Nazar ones before proceeding to Ramadhan Fast.
Suddenly I want to eat Nasi Campur... Wae yo?? Heheh..
And while break the fast, I eat A LOT of rice!!! WHOLE FULL PLATE!!
And then... Sleep! T_T ige musun soriya????
I am soooo tired with classes today, that I sleep. Hmm..

Aish~ I wish 'Summer Scent' drama in KBS end as soon as possible.. Seeing Hyewon and Minwoo together.. So boring. They are such a boring couple! WHY I start watching this drama in the first place?? Hahah..
Because I like that Minwoo guy? Maybe :p Hahaha
But the plot of the story is good! That's why I watch..

Owh, I will buy Farizan and Farra's birthday presents tomorrow! Ape lg..? Same like Sya's present la.. Hahahah
Hope they like it!!! They will! Because it's from ME! They'll cherish it! Gahahaha...

Well, that's all for today.
Owh, and the Surau inside the college is soooo smelly!!
Uwaaa!! BAU KAKI!! Thank god I am not like Sya which she can't pray anywhere without her Omma.. was-was la kate kn.. Mianhae Sya.. :p

HOPE he smile at me tomorrow.. And wave 'goodbye' like last week.. Uwaaa!!

Suwoneul Malhaebwa!!~~

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5 Response to "He is Ok now, I guess..."

  1. sya\(",)/ Says:
    August 12, 2009 at 9:13 AM

    haa..ni baru namenye satu kutukn from chingu...

    woi!!pe kutuk2 kite dlm nih!!..
    siap la.....
    dendam ku belom terbls... X(

  2. sya\(",)/ Says:
    August 12, 2009 at 9:15 AM

    oi!! pe kutuk2 kite dlm nih!!
    nk kne ke??
    dendam ku belom trbls.. X(

    NK BURGER KING!!!!!!!!!!!! :((

  3. Ira The Antagonist says:
    August 12, 2009 at 11:27 PM

    awk bace jugak blog kte??
    igt kn xbace...

    sayang jugaaak awk kt kte ek..

  4. sya\(",)/ Says:
    August 13, 2009 at 7:05 AM

    eeeee...kite trpkse bkk la...
    sbb kn anya link kn awk tepi tu..
    so..klite nmpk je la awk update..
    klo dh ade yg bru..mestilah TERtengok.. x brmkne kite syg awk ye[-x

  5. Nas says:
    August 13, 2009 at 7:56 AM

    sebenanyeeee...anya yg separatekan korg mase kecik..muahahahaa!!sebenanye taknak dua2..tp kesian..amek je la sorg..lalala~

    maze!!anya demam.. :(