Good but not satisfied!

Irah Aizi
Monday, August 10, 2009

The title says it all!!!

The First one!

I am good... because I already know Oppa's name...
BUT UNSATISFIED, because I said earlier, I want to know his name from 'his mouth'..
But in the class.. Lecturer called him, then he raised his hand. That's how I know his name..

I DON'T CARE!! I still want to ask his name from him!! hahaha..

And second one!

I am good but not satisfied because of DBSK.. The World Asia BoyBand, DongBangShinKi is going to disband!!! Andwea!!

Well, It's not like they ARE disband, but what if the JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu want to call off their contract with SM Entertainment? That will leave YunHo and Changmin all alone without them, and that will make DBSK no longer 5 members! Right?
I am good and support them for agreed in filing the case to the court because I don't think SM have the right to cheat on them...
But I am unsatisfied because they are going to separate... Uwaaa!!
Oppa! Andwea!!!

The third one!

About In LRT, Mr. Handsome was infront of me..
HE is INFRONT of me in the LRT for real!!!!
It is a good thing. Uhuk uhuk!
But unsatisfied because I can't look at him, because he will look at me back of course. And he'll know that I always looked at him.. That will be embarrassing!!!
So I just keep my head low by messaging with Farra... Talk about her crush.. Hahaha..

Owh! Talking about her crush. I am so happy for her. (I'll start calling her crush Mr. Z)
Mr. Z tried to help her on her birthday!! OMG! OMG! So nice!

Farra forgot her pass to go out from the Campus. And He wanted to give his pass instead so that Farra can go out from the campus.. Omo! Omona!!!! He tried to save Farra!! Ahaks~
SO happy for her. And he know Farra's birthday was yesterday! Hehe.. She must be really happy!

and the fourth one!

I am good with us, The 7Gs are separated because of school stuff. But UNSATISFIED because we starts to forget each others. It is quite annoying how some of the members forgot to wish the other member's birthday or anything. And the other member didn't want to send some message on saying 'How Are You?' to other members...
It seems to me that they are forgetting some of the members...
Can I ask you guys? I mean... Is it hard to even send 1 message to wish the member's birthday?
It is not that hard, even if you are 23 hours late, but at least wish the member. It shows that you didn't forget that we are friends. That is what friends are for, right?
Give it a thought you guys! And I mean it!!!

"부탁이 있어... 절대 떠나지 말아요.. 절대로..
무슨 일있어도... 우리 친구했잖아!?
우리 7G는 잊지마요! 우리 다친구는 잊지마세요! 재발!"

"I have a favour... Please don't ever leave.. ever..
What ever happened... We are friends, right?
Don't forget that we are The 7G! Please don't forget that we are all friends! Please!"

My heart ache whenever I listened bad things about the other members. I don't want us to be disband! Never thought of that before! Never even think of that!
So please, I wish our friendship last longer than this. All of 11 of us!

7G is NOTHING without 11 members!

I hope no matter what it is, we remain friends and until the end, we still be the 7G!
Urineun Geutkkaji Chingu eyo!!
(We are friends 'till the end!!)


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