I want to know his name!!!

Irah Aizi
Saturday, August 08, 2009

○This is How my class looks like

OK, today I have replacement class... Morning! OMG! I slept in the class... Mr. Antoney woke me up! Hahahha...
Since it was time for break, so i kill the time by sleeping, because I am extremely sleepy this morning!!!
Mr. Antoney cuit me and then I woke up! Huhu~

I learned new topics on Economy today. But Today is a bit boring, because Mr. Handsome wasn't there. He was absent today, and I wonder why?
Mr. Handsome is the one with the name start with 'F'.. won't tell you! I just like to look at his handsome face.. Gaaaah!!! He is tremendously handsome! Hhahah Sya also said he is attractive. Kyaaaa~~

And Oppa is still in his bad mood. Huh! I wish I can help him bring his cute smile back. I miss his warm smile towards me... He smiles sooo sincere..
But these past few days, I haven't seen the warm smile.
I want to see that smile again!!!
It melts my heart! Omona!

Oh God, Please, Let me be the one to comfort him in any way. Please....~~
Let me meet him accidently and give me courage to ask him if he's ok or not. Please!
I need this opportunity!

•While break, he was walking at the kaki lima outside the class. While I was looking back, I saw him, he also looked at me, but then I am so shy, which I DON'T KNOW WHY!!?? I looked infront quickly. Habes peluang keemasan!! HUH!
•After class he did looked at me. I was waiting for the lif, and he walked infront of me to use the stairs. But he just looked at me coldly, and didn't smile! :( is he mad at me? Please... no!

Then, I didn't see his flash again~~~
Uwaaa!! Wanna cry!~

And.. I STILL don't know his name!!!
I don't have the opportunity to talk to him yet... I wish I can know his name! Please! Let me know his name and let him know my name. He just call me 'Super Junior'.. Hahahahaha..

Ok! Then... after went back, I go to Ampang Point to eat.. Octopus Restaurant Again!! Heheh

huhu!!!Delicious!! Everything is tasty except for the Cendol -.-" Aigooo... The cendol is tasteless!!
And the Miso Soup. I am not a Miso Soup eater :p so I didn't take the Miso Soup.
The Chicken is YummY! huhu~

Then I went to buy McD's Ice cream.. And now I end up.... soar throat! :(( Uwaa.. So uncomfortable!! Though the Ice cream is yum yum! :p

Then, I went home, take some Diflam and sleep. I woke up this evening, the soar throat is getting WORSE!! sakit!!!

For dinner, I ate Nasi Briyani. Azim went back from his friend's tahlil and brought us the Briyani rice Yummey~~~!!

And now, I help Farizan with her Facebook thingy. Hope she can do better in her new one and only account in the internet. Bwahahahah!! :p
Farizan-ah~~~ JalHaeBwa!!!

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  1. Nas says:
    August 11, 2009 at 7:38 AM

    berusehelah!!ini mase nye utk skodeng!! \0/

    jiayou!jiayou!!! \0/