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Irah Aizi
Thursday, April 01, 2010

heheee.. Annyeong Yeoreobun~~ ㅋㅋㅋ

I am now watching kdrama on internet again... haven't did that for a long time, since my slow internet always annoy me.
So right now, I am trying to be patient on it...

First step : Buffer all the episode parts
Second step : Go do something else for 3 hours.
Third step : Enjoy your drama.. 하하하하..

Oh! My Lady

Currently I am watching this funny yet dramatical k-drama.
Siwon was the main actor, but I wasn't into Siwon that made me watch this drama.
It's because of Chaerim. I like Chaerim's acting. She is so funny and Jjang짱!!.

I am now at episode 4. Which was aired yesterday, but watch in internet today. so fast빠르다~
The drama aired twice every week, so It's quite annoying waiting for the next episode..
어떻게?? I have to...
It is a nice drama. I would definitely recommend this drama.

Personal Taste

Another drama..This drama didn't air yet. I am waiting for tomorrow.
This drama will start air on 1st of April(tomorrow내일!!!)

Lee Minho and SonYejin(my fav actress) were the lead role..
And I heard that Lee Minho act as a gay...so.. Can't wait기대해!!

Hope I can start watching this drama on friday!!

Yet... I have to start doing my Economic Coursework
(o.0) Annoying자쯩나...

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