Irah Aizi
Sunday, April 11, 2010

Went out to eat with Omma, Appa, and dongsaengs.

We go to KLCC after lunch to eat(again -___-")

I ate the weird yet quite delicious 'Chicken I-forgot-the-next-word'
It was a spaghetti on top of fried chicken. and iced cappuccino(my fav).
And omma had the beef Noodle soup (This one was good맛있어!) jelly coconut.

It's so nice. We eat in the rain. (Woah! heavy rain just now.)
Umairah dongsaeng was playing with the rain.

Missing hangout with family like this,
달콤한사탕 이라/Sweet Candy Ira
(Hahahah.. still crazy with these cute nicknames)

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