[B]Alia's Birthday

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, April 20, 2010

생일축하함니다~ Happy Birthday to you
생일축하함니다~ Happy Birthday to you
사랑해 우리 알리아~~ I love you, our Alia.
생일축하함니다!!!  Happy Birthday to you!!!

hehehe.. All IRIS members celebrate alia's birthday at Times Square.

Watching KAIJI:The Ultimate Gambler movie.


Funny? YES!
Scary? YES!
Action? YES!
Sad? YES!
Bloody? YES!
Love story? Abit...
Nervous-ness? YES!
Genius-ness? YEAH!!!

It was the BEST!! And furthermore, the actors were Tatsuya Fujiwara(Light from 'Death Note') and Ken'ichi Matsuyama(L from 'Death Note')
kyaaaa... I miss my Ken'ichi!!! :) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ..

Owh, before that, for the first time I go eat Wendy's Fast Food, since Alia wanted to try it.

The food was nice! The 'medium' size combo was the same size as McD's 'large' size.
So better go there instead. I ate the chicken. And get to buy 6pcs of nugget with only RM0.99!! (promotion)

We have fun!!

Owh, and we also sneaked the food inside cinema. Ha ha ha.. Naughty IRIS girls! :p
We ate the RM0.99 6pcs nuggets inside cinema. ㅋㅋㅋ..

After that, we dropped by at Borders to buy some novels. 50% off! (Ape lagi...?? BELI la!)
After that we go straight home! by LRT (btw.. SEGi conquer LRT!! Buhuhahaha)
 (Owh, we go looked around for Tiew's wanna-buy-shirt prices)

We have so much fun watching that COOL movie and eat Wendy's for the first time!

Alia! Happy Birthday!
Saranghae yo!

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