[CY]Wanie is free.

Irah Aizi
Saturday, April 17, 2010

My best friend, Wanie has finally come home for good.
She has finished her Matriculation at Kedah, and will stay at home for 2 month. Waiting for her result and UPU.

Sya, Wanie and me went to KLCC today.
We eat Secret Recipe, Teppanyaki, Sizzling and Gelato Fruity.
Hehehe... Today is the day to eat!

We went to cinema too! Watch 'Shutter Island'
kyaaaa.... Leonardo Dicaprio! Love him! He is so hot, although he already have old wrinkles but he still looks very handsome.
And the story line was awesome! It makes us go inside the movie.
The story about crazy people, and all three of us alos went crazy!
So Cool, right?
You should go watch it.

Owh, and to complete the day out, Wanie ruined her flip flop.
Sya and Me end up search and find flip flop for her to wear... hahaha..
Thanks to Sya, Wanie have VINCCI flip flop. Hehehe

Go watch the movie,
영화 때문에 미쳐 이라/Crazy Ira because of Movie
(Seriously, you can feel the craziness of the movie!)

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