[CY]Second Last Day

Irah Aizi
Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jjang!! ㅋㅋㅋ.. cute right귀업죠?! 헤헤헤헤...
This is Mr. Panda, which I made a friend with yesterday at my work.
He is a 'Best Friend' (this is what is written on the price label)
I played with this puppet when I was standing at the 2nd floor. (owh.. the Guardian have 2 floors)

Owh.. I met the deaf+mute guy again today.
He wants something to cure 'wind' in the stomach.
So... I gave him ENO!!

He sooooooo makes my heart warm. (Though I am a pretty warm-hearted girl!ㅋㅋㅋ)

Last days at work makes me want to QUIT as fast as I can.
One more day.... One more day....
One more day to go for my freedom!

I can't wait to go Jalan-Jalan with IRIS corp. again!
Usually we will go somewhere after class finished.

Nothing much at work. Boring.. Boring..
Owh, and btw.. Sharie Eonni, whom I thought a very cold-hearted women was actually so nice.
She talks to me and we laugh together. I can't believe that she is so nice.
Because usually before this she never talks to me and always glared at me.
Ass Eonni as always, the cold-hearted one. I still don't like her.
Marz Eonni, Samcheon(pakcik) and Mek Eonni were always the nicest to me.
Sajangnim(manager) also the nicest among others. The staffs are more scarier than him.

And today, Sheema Eonni and I walked together to go for take-out and take-in order.
and we looked at a NOKIA E71 at a cost of RM300.
CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT!!??? I didn't believe it.
But I can't find Lollipop. If.... i found the cheapest Lollipop, I'll totally buy it!

Tired as always, but can't wait to be free :)
기대한 이라/The Waiting Ira.
(hehehe.. I will be free!)

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