[B]Expected Dream vs Unexpected Dream

Irah Aizi
Saturday, March 27, 2010

Which one is the best?? ㅋㅋㅋ

I dream of my old classmates.. I can't see their face clearly though, but I was in my class, and my old long-lost bestfriend, Myra Hamdan was in my class. I can only see her face clearly...
I don't remember much, but what can I remember is that she sat next to me. And the next day I confess to her that I miss her badly and kissed her cheek. Expectedly she kissed my cheek back. And stay silent...

Then suddenly I was inside one hall. Super Junior was on the stage, performing, and gag-ing. Farrazurin, Masdiyana and Amal Wafa were next to me(I Don't Know WHY the heck MasD and Amal were there meeting Super Junior????) Well, it was like a small SJ Fan meeting i guess...

Since I want to show off my korean talent, I sneaked to the back stage. Fortunately I manage to escape from the crew lady and saw Super Junior's backstage room(make up room??). And the window was broken... I saw them all inside the room. I waved so hardly wishes that one of them may see me. And it does! Siwon saw me and I said 'Come here!!' with a hand movement.
Then he come to me(kahkahkahkah.. so naive!!!)

Then I speak korean with him. And he found out that I am his fan. His face expression was like 'just a fan? duhh!?' and went straight to me.
I was speechless, but then I bravely speak out, in korean course... "I come here because I want to take picture with you, kiss me please?"
His eyes widen, and I denied "omo..I was just joking!!"
Still, he widen his eyes even more.. "and I start babbling and shivering don't know if I said something wrong.. and as brave as a knight I said again "OK..OK.. kiss me"

Then he take my waist, and pull me towards him and start kissing my cheek... Kissing me hardly like there is no tomorrow.. I can feel his lips' heat(weird dream) on my cheek. He keep kissing me.. Then, I take my phone and caught few pictures of 'he kissed me' hahaha.. (weirdly the picture turn out so good)

Then he took me to their make up room(??) but there's no body there... Did he kiss me so long period that the other SJ members leave him instead.. (hahahaha)
Then we go look for the other members.. We keep holding hands and 'run devil run' looking for the other members...
Then he found his manager... His manager said he saw us holding hands for long time and look so good together.. 하하하

It's time to go separate ways... Bye-bye Siwon~!
But then I asked "What about Eunhyuk, the member I like the most?"
Then he make his angry face.... (mwo ya??) I run away as I saw his angry face...

Suddenly I was inside my house... Sya called me..

Sya : Did Kakna went to your house?
Ira : Why?
Sya : i heard that she go to house by house to sell goods..
Ira : How'd you know? Who told you?
Sya : I ask a cat.
Ira : You asked a cat???? o_o
Sya : yea.
Ira : Ok, I'll be careful with Kakna from now on....

(weird dream, since when Sya can speak to cats?)

The End...

It's practically weird because I can remember what i dream.. Mostly I'll definately forgot what i dream...

But after I dream about Siwon.. why my heart beat fast when I saw Siwon..
I can't fall for him... no..no...

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