Abah's Princess

Irah Aizi
Monday, August 30, 2010

Abah : *went back from Mosque* Kakak! Buat air teh abah! EH, sape yang terlentang tu?
Father : *went back from Mosque* Kakak! Make me my tea! Eh, who's that on the floor?
Me : *pretending to die*
Me : *pretending to die*
Abah : Umairah, suruh kakak buat air teh abah.
Father : Umairah, tell kakak to make my tea.
Umairah : Kakak dah mati!
Umairah : Kakak is dead!
Abah : Huh? Alamak! Innalillah~ Hilang sorang puteri saya...
Father : Huh? Oh no! Innalillah~ I've lost one of my princess...
Me : Aaaaah! *woke up and smile alone*
Me : Aaaaah! *woke up and smile alone*

Hahahaha! Abah called me 'Princess' !! ^_^
(I smiled whenever I remember this :p hehehe)


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