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Irah Aizi
Saturday, August 07, 2010

Annyeong Haseyo~~
Today KTO held another Saranghaeyo Korea Club event.
And this time, it was SUPER COOL!

MasD, Hanan and Rowena came along. (Hanan came a bit late though)

And we met my Korean classmate there. Hehe.

At first, we get to watch Dream Concert 2010 in HD. COOL!!
All were like screaming when B2st, SHINee and 2PM performed. LOL
Poor we didn't get to watch Super Junior's performance. haiz -_-"

MasD and I made Kimbab(Korean Rice Roll) together!!!
we named it as '7G' hehe... (Owh, I miss 7G already~)
Here it is! Nice, right?
I also don't know that we are this good. ㅎㅎㅎㅎ...

And this is Rowena's Kimbab.
Not very good.. Sorry Weng, I have to say that your kimbab is not that nice. hehehe..

We ate many korean foods today, Kimbab, Ddeok(rice cakes), Ddeokbokki(Spicy Rice Cake) and JapChae(something like noodle)
It was a nice experience to have tried some 한국 음식(korean dishes).

After that, we go for a game.
I didn't get to play the Tuho, but I get to play Jegi Chagi, though I didn't won. I only got 2 kicks.
Sheesh! Need to practice more!! Aigoo~

Then, we play the OX Quiz... still.. I lost.
Well, who expect to answer a Korean Historic questions?!
Event Malaysia's History also I didn't finish study! haha..
But it was a good knowledge. ^_^

After that.. it's Prize Giving time!!!!
And how lucky I am to get a lucky draw prize!
Woot woot!
I get a USB Portable with Korean Instruction only -_- Aigoo..
but still, I know how to use it.
It's just like an external USB port.

Everytime I went for SKC events, I will get something to take home, and today i get prize, TheFaceShop make-up bag, and some tapau ddeokbokki. ^_^

We had soooooo much fun with ajuhsshi! hahaha... Ajuhsshi was so naughty today (he is naughty all the time though)
The ajumma who taught us how to make Kimbab said that Ajuhsshi and me looked like father&daughter because we keep playing around and kidding around together. Hahaha..

I speak korean with him, he speaks Malay with me. Ridiculous!

Hope SKC event will be more in the future! and next time... cook Samgyetang! ㅋㅋㅋ..

SarangHaeYo Korea!,

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