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Irah Aizi
Tuesday, August 03, 2010

As usual.. Our exams has just finished, so we went somewhere to have fun!
Jocelyn, Alia, Rowena and me went to have fun in Times Square.

We go for Bowling!!! This is the first time IRIS went bowling together.
But before that, we went to Karaoke and had lunch first.
In the karaoke, we sang 'A Whole New World' song over and over again.
I don't know why we love that song so much.
^_^ We changed partner and keep repeating the song.
Sometimes I be the Jasmine, sometimes I be the Aladdin.

Bowling was fun... I was in the third place -_- aigoo..
Rowena was the winner. This is the first time she went for bowling and..... she got 3  strikes.
What the .....??? o_o"

Alia in the second place. And I will not mention who came in last, it's already obvious. kekekeke

We had so much fun today, though at first we were like mad towards each other... because few of us were late. Well, things happened~

And.. unexpected thing happened to me after the bowling ends -_-"
Since I can't bare to pee, I do things rush-ly.
My phone fell down in the toilet bowl. Uwaaaaaaaaaa.....
It's so terrible! Thank god I already flushed the toilet. Hiieeuww~
(So I just samak back the phone with Abah's Hygiene formula "The Smell Buster" )

And my phone practically turn out okay. Although at first, it hanged a few times.. but now it's already fine.
I have a pretty tough handphone.

Yah Handeupon, although you are cheap, but I love you so much.
Thank you for staying alive. I love You. I am so proud of you~

The "Hangout" wont stop here though. hehe.

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