IRIS Hangout 2

Irah Aizi
Thursday, August 05, 2010

second IRIS hangout after exam finish.
We went for swimming at Alia's new apartment.
Still new, Still fresh.. and still in renovation -_-"

The place were totally cool!
They have gym, sauna, swimming pool.
And very very near to Mid Valley.

So... we met at Mid Valley around 10am, then Alia's mom send us to the apartment.
It was a nice apartment though.. even the security were perfect!

The swimming pool were nice too! Sooo long~ but not that deep.
After we swim for about an hour, we straightly took bath and went in the sauna.
Woah! It's was soooo hot in there!

Since we are already sweating in the sauna, I don't have the chance to go to the gym for work out.
The gym were nice too! They have almost all the things to work out.
They even have the big mirror for dance practice. I wanna live there, so that I can dance everyday~

Then after that, we eat WATERMELON in the master bedroom. kekeke
We chill for a while inside the room.. release our tiredness~

Then we headed to Mid Valley for Teppanyaki!!
hahahaha.. (Mianhae, sya~)

After that we all went home.... around 5pm...

Loooong hangout day for IRIS.. We had so much fun hangout together. Chill in the same room together. Talk about many stuff. Study, Money, Hangout again, Love.. bla bla bla..

The hangout won't stop here hehe,

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