What a freak!

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day by day~ Haru Haru~ Hari Semakin Hari~
Why this thing keeps happening to me? Now,

  • I Can't talk straightly
  • I Can't explain things directly
  • I Can't pay full attention on anything
I am Blurr, day by day.

[First scene]
It's all started with, Omma asked me to take the clothes that already dried outside, and a few of them are not dry yet,

Omma : Why did u leave those shirts?
Ira : It's still not dry yet.
Omma : What? How come?

Ira : Just...
Omma : I TOLD U TO DRY IT WHEN THE SUN IS SHINE AND HOT, but u are lazy.....
Ira : (Dumbfounded) I.. I.. it's.. just... [I Can't Explain Things Directly]

[Second scene]
Again, Omma asked me to call the Celcom careline, because Omma didn't receive her Cellphone bill yet,

Careline : Hello, may I help you?
Ira : Hmm.. I am Ira, I didn't receive... I mean, I already get sms from celcom about the bill, but bill did not received yet.. but.. I.. [I Can't talk directly]
Careline : Owh, Ok, Can I have the Cell number please.?
Ira : Owh, sure.. 01(said the number)
Careline : Ok, please wait, I'll .......... [I am not paying attention in purpose]
Ira : (Again, dumbfounded)
Careline : Excuse me??....
Ira : EYh? yes...
Careline : Can you wait?
Ira : Ye... [Blurr]

then the phone engage... my omma had to call the careline again.

What is wrong with me???!!!!
Oh, God, Please help me!

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