Nasreen, I Miss You!

Irah Aizi
Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nasreen Zaky!! Bogoshipeo!

I miss her so much! We haven't met for more than 1 year.
She is so nice!
She is the one that Voodoo me to like K-Pop and J-Pop..

And the stupidest thing is, I be friend with her for a year, but we haven't snap any picture of us...
Only our legs (Which she took a video of our legs, because of her school
I don't know if she has it or not.
I want to meet her again! We used to laugh,gossips,story2, and so on the past. And I want to do that again.
I want to act HYPER in front of her again! I still remember that time, she said 'Ira, Why'd You become so hyper today?'
I was laughing and embarrass of that.

She also miss me! (she said on the phone last month.haha)

I WANT TO MEET YOU AGAIN! Hope we can live together one day!
I would love too!!!

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