Irah Aizi
Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ira-chan!!! I love HyunBIn now!!
.::Park Hyun Bin::.
I dunno why, he just keep coming to my life...
ParkHyun Bin The King Of Trot!!

I am in TROT FEVER now!!
"Dance Granny! Dance! Go Granny! Twist~~"

Syabang~ Syabang~ ♪♪
Keondeure~ Manduere~

♫♫아주 그냥 죽여줘요 ~~♪♪
♫♫ Aju geunyang jugyeojwoyo~~


Norazo The Crazy Funny Trot Band


아들아 아 아 ~~


지구를 부탁하노라 ~~
Jigureul Butakhanora~~

Dalligo~ Dalligo~ Dalligo~ Dalligo~~

"Trot Is Super Damn COol!!"

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