Addicted [Lee Taemin]

Irah Aizi
Friday, January 23, 2009

OOoooOOOo~ So handsome..So CUTE!!!

actually, i was addicted to this kid(bwahaha kid?? lol) these days...
U know, He is a great Dancer... and I LOVE DANCER!!..
i dont know why, i just got addicted to Taemin...
If i open Youtube, I'd be searching for him.. and if I search for some pics, also about him...
Listen songs, well, his song of course... Dancing.. I would be dancing to his solo.. (well still awkward and stiff, but i keep practicing)

Huh! I felt guilty towards HyukJae.. (omo.. into the dreamland!! lol)

Every time I want to dance, I will remember him (though before I wouldd be thinking of Eunhyuk if I dance) but now?? huh!

Owh..owh!! and and.. u know what, I create a DUET dance for Taemin and me!! ( Am I great or what?? lol)
It was a dance at the middle of 'Nuna You're so pretty' songs...
I dunno how I did it, but I just did.. lol..
The dance looks... hmm.. well, If i dance it alone(well, for sure i dance it alone) it will look awkward, and weird, but if I get to teach Taemin the dance and we do the dance together...
OMG!!!! That will be HEAVEN!!!

Well, that all as for now!! I would be story2 about Taemin again... hehe...

Taemin-aaaah!! Nuna(me) loves you!!! I love u!! Taemin-aah!! SarangHae.. (Kahkahkahkahkah)

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