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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Name's Ira.

Annyeong Haseyo! Assalamualaikum! Hello! [Waaah~ English is the]

I'm a Malay Just-Finished-HighSchool Girl. Not so Good in English, but since English is the World's Language, then I had to use it.. Omo...
[Wait! Is 'had' is the right grammar?? lol]

I am currently learning Korean, it's been 2 years already since i've started learning Korean Language.
[Korean Language is known as 'Hangugeo'. Pronounce 'Han-gug-o' sometimes I say 'Hangug Mal'.]
I learned it myself.
[Am I awesome or what?] But appearently lots of other people learn Hangugeo themselves too, so I am not considered the 'Awesome' one. lol.
Well, What to say? Ah~ I ussualy use words like 'omo', 'eotteohke', 'oppa', 'eonni', 'omma', 'appa'... since that's Hangugeo, so I recommend it to you to 'just ignore it.. pretend to understands it'.. kehkehkeh..

Love writing stories, but hate reading.[why am I so lazy??] I often wrote my story, but too lazy to read it back again, so if my story got so many mistakes, just, when I was 13, I started writing stories about my friends and I. It is a fiction story, but somewhat it happens in real life. [again.. not sure about my grammar here!lol]

So I am now writing a few fanfics
[ehem.. correcting, only 3 fanfics] Most of people know what 'fanfic' is, but to whom that don't know it is a fiction story, wrote by ordinary people(fans) which the main cast is an artist. That's why it is called 'fanfic', 'fan' writing a 'fic'tion story. Araseo!!??[Araseo means 'Understood!?']

This is the links to my fanfics,
1) What A Life!
2) SujuSchool
3) I Wanted To Thank Her, For real! (This is a Short Story)
[it is kind of long, but not chapter-by-chapter..not so long lah~~ lol]

And Great News!! lol, I'll be writing a new fanfic on this blog!! Kahkahkahkah['kahkahkah' is a hard-laugh]
So, I'm still thinking what fiction story I am making, so it'll be right up soon.

Well, That's all from me... I'll be waiting for anybody reading my blog and my Fiction story.

Annyeong Hi Gye Seyo! Waalaikumsalam! Bye!
[Again! the English one is shorter..kahkahkkahkah]

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