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Irah Aizi
Sunday, June 28, 2009

I, Maz Shairah Mohamed 'Aizi MISS them so MUCH!!!

We went hangout last week! Although it's soo late to post this, but i STILL insist to write about this!!

Venue : Pavillion, KL
Time : 10:00AM
Theme : Miss You Guys So Much! (is that even call 'theme'?? )

We went to watch movie. Well, at fisrt Sya,Farizan and Me wanted to watch Horror Movie.. But Nadia bragging to watch 17Again.. So, Our hopes on watching horror movie and scream together in the movie room was ..... NEVER HAPPEN! Well, never mind, at least we get the chance to melt towards zac Efron together! LOLss~

So, we decided to buy 17Again tickets.

While waiting for the movie to start which is at 11:45AM, we went to eat first! It was our lunch...
at 10:45....
Hmm.. Lunch at 10:45AM is ....... too early.. isn't it?

We eat.... hmm.. various foods though....

Nadia & Ira : Taiwanese Mee (Ira order extra side-dish. Home-Made Dumplings!! Yum~)
Farizan & Farra : Mee Wok (something... not sure.. Well duuh! I wasn't paying attention on their foods since mine is more delicious! :p)
Sya & Wafa : Teppanyaki (Different species of Teppan... but tasty. )
MasD : Yong Tau Foo (Diet aka she's not a hungry lion like the others.. :p )

We ate...ate...ate... and talk.. talk.. talk...~~
Like where to go study, BFF, boys (Sya ONLY!!), Korean (MasD brought Korean gift for me!! Kamsahamnida Uri ChinHan Chingu!), foods (the most favourite topic :p), NS(Military~~~) and much more!!!

Then, we went to watch the movie... Kyaaaa~~~
I am not a fan of Zac Efron, but he does look hot in that movie... Like the eye-colour.... and the smile..smirk... and.. like the way he act whne with the 'mother' aka 'his wife'..(EYh!!! Ira-ah! FOCUS on EunHyuk ONLY!!!!! Step out of it!)

The movie was HILLARIOUS!! Especially the 'guy who love action movie'!! Man, the principal and the guy were SUPER humerous!!! I LAUGHed so much to that movie! Didn't believe? Ask them la!!

We enjoy every single piece of the Movie though...

Then we go for a walk... together... talking and Gossiping... caught pics...

owh! after that we hit the Ice Cream Corner!!

Ira : Apple
MasD : Mango
Nadia : Rashberry If i'm not mistaken...
Farizan : Chocolate
Farra : FORGOT! Sorry!
Sya : Cookies
Wafa : FORGOT! Sorry!

This is when..... hmm don't remember, but I do remember Wanie called us after we caught this pic.

Well, I don't know what is this but....... well... that girls look like me and Nadia... but.. i.. i... well...
That's NOT what you may think that is, OK!!?

GSC Toilet... The Main place for us to take pictures... Favourite spot of all!! heheh...

We are used to those brands behind us.. duhh~ No bet~~ Hehehhee....

ah! Toilet again!! What's up with my face expression????? O_O"

Ira bought this car already!! hahahah.. DREAM ON!!!! But I wish to have sports car! Can ride with Junpyo everyday :p
Ira-BMW Sports Car-Sya-Wafa

We just finished Solat... Well, although we look "wild" (what? wild?? Sissy wild that is!! Haha) but we are Pure hearted! :p
(MasD went to Solat! We took the pic without her.. hahahahhaha.... No la.. she took the pic.)

While we eat our 'babies' ICE CREAM!!! Chagaun!!! ChupDa!! So Cold... but delicious! Tasty... urmm!! want to eat Ice cream NOW!!! Kyaaaa~~~
(Where's me??? How could they took pic without me!!??? Yah!! Neo!! Jjinjja!!!??)

We did had some fun!!!!
Kyaaaaaaaa~~ I want to go out again!!! With ALL 11members of 7G!!!
We Super Duper miss Wanie, Farah Sofia, and Farah Alia!!!!

But still, we did talked with wanie.. She called just so that she can 'pretend' hangout with us! I know she also misses us as much as we miss them!!!

Hope ONE DAY! we can meet each other again! ALL 11members of 7G!!!!

This is the last meeting before we went to studies.... We have our own ways now..
So sad.. WHY??!! WHY?? WHY!!!??? we have to be seperated!!?? Wae yo!!? Wae ireohke?? Ireohke shireosseoyo jjinjja!! Maeumi aphayo, urineun ireon ibyeol hadago!! Aaaaa!! jjinjjia Shireosseo yo!
Ha! See! I babbling in Korean!! That mean i HATE being separated like this...!!!

Saranghae Chingu deul-ah~~!! Bogoshipeoyo!!!! Bogoshipda!!!!
I love u my friends, I'll miss you!! I miss you!!

"7G will NEVER be seperated Forever!!!"
Wahh! New Motto!!

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  1. penglipur lara says:
    June 29, 2009 at 10:37 PM

    bogoshipda chinguya!!!!! saranghae!!!
    ni pic bile?
    nice page..i like it~~~

    fyi i have a




    tipu je....

    saranghae chingu!!
    wo ai ni..

  2. Ira The Antagonist says:
    June 30, 2009 at 12:18 AM

    ige mwo ya jjinjja???

    na do saranghae, chinguya! bogoshipeo!!