Ira make a comeback without Sya ^_^

Irah Aizi
Friday, June 26, 2009

[How Ira get to be on TV Live!!!? ]

LOL... We, Choir Team get to perform live on TV1!! Well, although it's TV1 BUT STILL i get to be on TV! (Hyukkie-ah, see me??? LOL ) Farizan saw me on TV!!! Heee~

We practice days and night for our performance. Although it is just Choir, but it's HARD!!!! Practice everyday. (Like Super Junior Practice everyday for their Comeback. Hahahah ROFL)

We have to wake up at 5am and sleep at 1am for this show!!! Man! We are tired!
But we get to sleep in the bus! ha ha ha
We have to go to Angkasapuri for touch ups and rehersal for like 3days straight. Huh! Totally like celebrites! Hahah
In the Angkasapuri Toilet :p Hehehehe

We also get Military T-Shirt!!! FREE!!! hahaha.. Only the performers get the T-Shirt!

I met a few outsiders, other students from other Camp. Well, we get along pretty quickly though.
The two guys are from other camp.

We get to eat KFC for quite many times... O_O Man! We are so lucky!

This is the "Voice Team"!!!
Standing : Ayoi-Ira-Ati-Usof-Wawa-Lyna

Sit : Alif

'Voice Team' in the recording Room. Hahah.. Ira one of the 'Voice Team'!! Hehe With Teacher SITI (Our Manager.. Bwahahahahahhaha LOL)

With Teacher Bob (Our BodyGuard+Manager) ROFL Hahahhahahahaha...

------BREAKING NEWS-------
Ira from IraSya Band has make a SOLO album and a new AnyBand with other artists, Wawa, Zaty J and Lady Lyna. (This is hillarious)
Ira is not officially leave Sya behind and starts a new band, she just make a Comeback without Sya because of Sya's busy schedule. (Sya, don't worry u are still a star! Hehe)
IraSya Ban is still rocking and will make their comeback after the 'Voice Team' promote Album is over. (Hahahaha ROFL)

We sure rock the recording Room!! Hahahaha.... (Wait for our MV) LOL

This is the GUY that own this Production Company!!! Gahahah Like 'Lee Soo Man' ROFL
His name is....... (drumrolls~~~ PAK NGAH!!)

This is before the performance, we make ups and stuff, we are still waiting for our turns to make up, since there is quite a number of performers. So i have fun and took a few pics.. This is Me and Adi the Best Guy-Friend!! hehe.. (owh, we are just friends -no publisity please!! LOL ) Well, he already have a girl friend though.

And this is after the performance. We did well though.. Since yusof and me fancy 'Klasik Nasional' for like so not-much, so we took pic with the 'Klasik National' van (Dapat van pun jadilah~~)
Happy after finish the performance. And you know what this means....

Owh, while we perform, the fellow students in the camp watched us through the 'Big-Screen' in the Dewan Makan. They were wild!!! The teachers said "it feels like they were at the Angkasapuri. So LOUD!"
Yeah! That's the spirit!!!! Hehe Go Templer!!!

It's a GREAT and EXCITING experience I've ever had!!!
Hmm.. never thought that I could be on TV!! But I just DID! Hah!

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3 Response to "Ira make a comeback without Sya ^_^"

  1. StORieS oF My LiFe.. says:
    June 27, 2009 at 3:08 PM

    sya??saper sya??pandai ke maze nyanyi??patut x de org tgk...~lalalala~

  2. sya\(",)/ Says:
    June 28, 2009 at 8:26 AM

    sya tu saye la~

  3. Ira The Antagonist says:
    June 28, 2009 at 10:47 PM

    Eyh! tlg sket eyh!!
    aritu balik kampung..
    satu kampung tgk tau!
    ayat dye tu mcm dengki je..sbb xdpt tandingi maze masuk tv...