Charlie's Party

Irah Aizi
Friday, June 26, 2009

Charlie T-Shirt!!! Kyaaaaa~~ That's mine!! 'IRA'


We won the Best Company in Sport!!!

Well, we didn't really had a real "party" though, just a small celebrations on our Victory!! Kyaaa...

We did a little talk, speeches from the Company Captains, eat 'junk' food(from the hamper though), and many2....

FYI, we got LOTS of hamper!! Man! We are good!! hehehe...
Only the Charlie's Angels get to take pics wiith the presents! Hahaha

This is 'ME' and all the hampers.. Gaaaah!! It's all mine!!! My precious!!
At this time Huzai said "Yah! So, These is all yours huh!?" So I replied, "Yeah! Don't Steal!!!"
He glared, "Ok! Fine!! Fine!!"

Wira's Company Captain and Me (We are just Kapten and Anak Buah!)
Well, I once laughed at him because he nearly fall, but I apologized already! Hehe, but the way he nearly fell is funny! :p Mianhae~

Me and Gangster (He has Korean GirlFriend! Kyaaaa~~ Introduce me to your Korean Guy-Friend please!!!)
We won!!! For the best... erm... best... Korean Talking! Hahah.. Well, he knows a lil Korean only..

We had a pretty great time, eat.. eat.. and eat... and joking around...
Love and Miss Charlie! We are the Charlie!! The Problematic Company! The Menace Company! But we still rocks!!!!

CHARLIE YeongWonHi!!!

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