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Irah Aizi
Monday, June 29, 2009

Well, my Samchon(uncle) have a little business, and he also force Omma to do the same business too... Hmm..Omma seems excited~~

Here's the link!!

Uri SamChon Ui Irhae ya~~

7G yeudeul-aaaah!!!~~ WAIT in YOUR House OK!!? I'll crash your house sooner or later to promote this thing!!

Hahaha.. well, anyway, it's a business of 'Kain'... Omo... Yeppeo yo~~ The Kain are pretty!!!!

I LIKE THIS ONE!!!Want to buy this for my Hari Raya Kebaya!! Can I even wear Kebaya??? ppfftt! :p

Just imagine... me wearing the Kebaya... aaaaaaaah~~ Hyukkie will NEVER leave me!!
though he won't.. he will KEEP won't leave me.. Hahahaha...

Well, 7G yedeul-ah!!! You MUST buy one!! MasD! Since you are still at house and didn't go to study yet, I'll crash your house first!!! Arasseo!!??? Open the door for me! K?

If interested... here you can contact my Uncle....
SMS : 019-3815400
EMAIL : rizalahmad97@yahoo.com
YM : rizalahmad97

Or if you shy enough... can e-mail me! :D
EMAIL : ira_camierra@yahoo.com

Gomawo yo!!!!!
Please buy! I know you are interested!!

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