MATTA Fair 2

Irah Aizi
Sunday, September 05, 2010

Second day... Last day of MATTA fair and I did a very2 good job!
Working as Exhibitor with Korea Tourism Organization. hehe

I guess..... lol!

Today, many things happened.

Especially the horrible one, the polystyrene fell down on our customer.
Aigoo.. thank god it's only polystyrene... Haha!
Mianhae to that customer...
And we experienced a very3 annoying customers..
They were like fight with each other, and annoyed the other customers as well...
Lilian and me can't stand those guys!!! But we just keep quiet until they left.
TOTALLY annoying!~
After they left, we gossip2 about them. Haha!
I saw Razak today, one of my Korean classmate and another Korean classmate which I didn't remember her name. haha!
And then unexpectedly Wooseok told Miss Mae about yesterday, the part where I ran to see Progression performed.
Wooseok-sshi!! To make things clear, I am NOT running because I want to see them, I ran because I want to go back quickly to help you! Aigoo.. tch tch tch!

At the end of the day, I didn't see Wooseok-sshi anywhere, so can't say 'goodbye' to him :(
Maybe next time we can meet again. Hopefully he'll miss me. Haha *joking*
Kak Aida... hmm.. I think I will be seeing her often because she always participate in every KTO events..
She is soo famous! I wish I am too.....

And Lilian~ We will be in the same Korean class next semester. Haha!
Yay! I have friend in the class, since Hanan left me -__-" ceyh~

I enjoyed it very very much!

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