MATTA Fair 1

Irah Aizi
Saturday, September 04, 2010

Volunteer for Korean Tourism Organization at MATTA Fair ^_^
Meet new friends~

Wooseok-sshi, Lilian and Kak Aida!

And Miss Baek Ji Hye, our leader. ( I look fat in the Queen's dress aigoo.... -_-)
They are all sooo nice and awesome!
My guardian(??) Miss Mae also very very very nice!!!!
I feel at ease working with them.

Spend a lot of time with Wooseok-sshi though.. Since Lilian went to break quite a long period.
And Kak Aida go to see Progression and Epsilon performed.
Headache! Wooseok-sshi asked sooooo many quetions!
This and that! Aaaarrgghh!!

Tired, but enjoyed every moments of it.

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