[CY]Finally meeting her.

Irah Aizi
Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today I met My favourite Eonni(sis), Sophia Ridza!!!
I met her at B-Boy R16 Competition today.
I wanted to meet her like for sooo long time, since I started watching KBS2TV Chit Chat With Beautiful Ladies.
Since that, I searched for her infos and stuffs..I mentioned about her a lot when I was active on my Crunchyroll and Flixster.

She is sooooo SUPER Beautiful.
And the best part is she treats me very2 well and nicely.
That makes me like her even more.
She asked where I am studying currently, and she answers all my questions with a smile.

And the other best part is, I sat behind her at the Korean Wave Competition.
I talked to her first, and we shaked hand.

Irah : Excuse me, you are Sophia, right?
Sophia : Yes I am.
Irah : Waaa.. Nice to meet you, I really2 wanted to meet you!
Sophia : And now we meet each other. We'll take pictures after this, ok?
Irah : Ok?

And I said 'You're pretty' she replied back 'You are pretty too' to me.
I wish to meet her again, and hopefully I can be her best Dongsaeng.

My dream is, to work at LG Malaysia, so that I can meet her again. I will work hard, and worked there! Yeah!

Sophia's Dongsaeng,

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