I used to...

Irah Aizi
Friday, October 09, 2009

1.I used to hang out with my best friends EVERYDAY...
(since we are schoolmates...)
But now...... not anymore...

I love being by their side... I feel warm. I feel happy.
They always makes jokes... We always laugh....

And I really2 miss that.

At school, we do everything together.. When I fast last month, I didn't feel like fasting because I used to fast at school with all of them.
My Raya end up boring, because when Raya I used to hangout with my friends went to tons of 'Rumah Terbuka'... and it was really AWESOME!!!

I used to love hanging out with my friends....

2.I used to sleep with my air-cond on..
but now... not anymore...

Aircond dah rosak!!!!
I am too afraid to tell Abah that my air-cond rosak already, so just sacrifice la.. hahaha

Sometimes, late at night, i crawled to my mom's room and sleep on the carpet.. :D
and if I suddenly wake up, I ran back to my room.. hahahhaa

3.I used to listen to A1's songs.....
but not anymore.. since the AWESOME K-pop attract me!!! haha!

love their songs anyway, especially....
• Like a rose
• When I'm missing You
• Heaven by your side
• Everytime
• One more try
• One last song
• Caught in the middle
• Walking in the rain
• Take on me
• No more

waaa.. I used to listen to all of these songs when I was form 3...
I am A1's fan when I was fifteen years old.
xcaye tanye farrazurin!!!

4.I used to get scold by Mama..
and I still got it!!!
hahahaha.... until now... ("¬_¬) mwo ya...????

"Well, anyway my friend!! Life is hard! Allah loves you when your life gets harder. He wants to test you."
This sentence makes me feel warm when I am in bad condition.
I really wish my life in the future will be more easier and happier as my life these days was so hard.

Ira-aaaah~ Him Nae!!!
Ira-Noona, Him Nae!!!
(alamak ai! kalau Dpt dgr Taemin ckp mcm ni.. terus berseri2 muke ku)

tulis blog ni sambil mkn maggi goreng..
Mee ape ni!!??? xsedap langsung!!
uuueeekk!!! uueeekk!!!
(Ya Allah! rezeki... sedap..sedap.. tapi I xrecommend kn U guys makan)

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2 Response to "I used to..."

  1. penglipur lara says:
    October 9, 2009 at 11:45 PM


    1) my raye pon xgempak cam dulu..
    i miss the time where kte sume serbu umah fara soya lps skola..
    g opn house..huuhu..

    I Miss my childhood!

    yg bwh 2 mls nk komen..hahaha

  2. HaNiM PoSh says:
    October 10, 2009 at 11:37 AM

    1)tlg la tukar wallpaper ni..berpinar mate tgk (*_*)

    2)ape yg complicated nyer hidup maze skrg?tu life normal yer as a student..nk tukar dr remaja ke agak dewasa..
    nk lg hebat?tggu dh keja & umo >25..haaa siap la time tu :p