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Monday, October 12, 2009

Ahah!! (huh! besar ahah ni!!) These days I keep thinking about Eunhyuk Again!!!!
Soooo... decided to put his face in my blog... lalalala...
Layout changed!!!!

waaaa.. I dunno why, I keep thinking about eunhyuk now...
Omo..omo.. he looks so SWEET in this picture!!!
gahahahaha..... looks like Epik High's Tablo.. right?right?

(aphal lidah terjulir, terjulur, terjuntai je ni..? nak bwt gak lah! heeee~)

since I am so boring these days... THE BORING BREAK ever........
I found this stupid boring survey.. and I'm just killing my time with it since I got NOTHING to do...

The ultimate Personality Survey

Do you help others in your neighborhood? : hmm..not really...
Are you a greedy person? : hehhe.. how u know? a bit larr..
Do you have an inflated ego? : Ego... everyone got meh...
Are you a popular person? : in whole kolej.. NO! but in class, YES!
Are you a prep? : (xpaham soalan) heheh
Should you be sent to heaven or hell? : uish! Itu kerja yang Maha Esa!
How cruel are you? : VERY CRUEL towards my dongsaengs(adik2)
How good are you at accepting challenges? : average je kot..
Do you have a likable personality? : NOPE! i am a straight face girl o_o
Are you a selfish person? : sometimes..
Are you taking life for granted? : guess so..
Do you display leadership skills? : do i??
Are you an extrovert? : ape lagi soalan ni...???
Are you narrow minded or broad minded? : in the middle kot...
How nice are you? : depends on the situation..
Are you stone-hearted? : YEAH!!! but sometimes it melts.. eotteohke?!
Are you soft-spoken? : I am not 'the talking' person! Sya do the talking for me..
Are you living a beautiful life? : not really.. but i want to, of course!
Which brain are you- left or right? : which one is the popular one?
How cynical are you? : kinda
How well do you handle criticism? : deep down inside 'I CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!' but outside 'pedulik ape aku!'
Do people take advantage of you? : ofcourse!! (mentang2 patik hamba yang hine...)
Are you a procrastinator? : (ape lg ni..?)
Are you a God-fearing person? : MESTI LAH! Takut kepada Allah!
How self confident are you? : 30% only.. T_T
How assertive are you? : at times
Do you pick up fights easily? : nope!
Do you have good people skills? : nope!
Are you a nature lover? : yeah.. depends...
Do you give enough time to yourself? : sometimes...
Are you a good party organizer? : NO! never done that!
Are you religious? : YEAH! Islam rules!!!
Are you a good listener? : yup! but not a good commenter! :p
Are you an optimist or a pessimist? : in the middle
Are you distracted easily when working? : YES
Do you fight or take flight? : depends
Do you live in the present or the past? : well, I live in the present but I live for future!
Are you a boastful person? : dont think so
Do you take decisions with your heart or your mind? : depends
Are you narcissistic? : penah dgr ayat ni...tp....
Do you test your limits when needed? : NO
Are you an emotional person? : quite... ok.ok.. i admit it! yes, I am! so what?!
Are you far-sighted? : no.. short-sightedness.. Rabun! :D
Do you lie when needed? : Yes.. saya hanya manusia biase..
Do you cry easily? : yes!! especially bile tgk drama.. uwaaa....
Are you a visual or an auditory person? : auditory
How excited are you about life? : 30%. my life not so good...
Do you vie for attention? : at times
Are you original and mature? : i am original but i look mature :D
What do you have unique in you? : err...??? unique ye..???? hmm... ahah! I can speak Korean!!!
What are you looking for in life? : Success di dunia dan akhirat! pastu jodoh dgn Hyuk...
Do you have a devilish streak? : :D sikit kot..
How charismatic are you? : no idea
Do you lose your temper often? : kinda
Do you love kids? : kalau comel, Ye! kalau nakal, ppang!!!! kene tampar..
Do you have a fear of anything? : Yes. fear of dunia luar yang fana! (chewah!)
Are you in control of your life? : Nope!
How good are your communication skills? : I told u, i am not good at talking.
Are you short tempered? : yeah! inherit from Abah..
Are you happy in life? : No.. a bit..
Are you absent-minded? : yes
Are you a miser? : shouldnt be
Are you adventurous? : I want to be, but I don't have the chances..
Can people rely on you? : at times
Do you have a pure heart? : think so
Do you know yourself truly? : mostly
Are you street-smart? : NO!
Are you an analytical thinker? : dunno
Are you wasting your life via some activity? : sleeps... eat... sleep again.. eat.. :D
Do you try to make everyone happy? : Try but never achieve any success.. i guess..
How well do you handle a crisis? : no good
Do you have a sense of humor? : dunno
Do you pamper your mind? : often
Name your strengths : able to learn things quick
Are you a honest person? : sometimes
Are you a know all or a no all? : Both! at times..
Are you boring? : Quite :D
Do you criticize others too much? : Eh mesti lah! gossip no 1!!!
Do you think you are a loser? : a bit..
Are you compassionate? : maybe
Name your weaknesses : too lazy
Are you witty? : at times
Are you passionate about what you do? : sometimes..
Are you a forgetful person? : YES! ALWAYS!
How active are you? : used to, but now asyek ddk umah je.. menambah lemak T_T"
Do you love yourself? : when I have good body I love myself, now, just a bit :D
How courteous are you? : dunno
Are you a smiley? : Quite.. kahkahkahkah
Are you a morning person or an evening person? : EVENING person. Pagi tido best, petang tido panas la..!
Do worries dominate you? : Yup!
Do you reveal things about yourself to others easily? : AT times
Do you think before you act? : no Are you ambitious? : I have ambitions but, sometimes i just keep it a quiet.
Do you speak from the heart? : Yes. I only tend to speak when I have something to talk about.
Do you like travelling? : YES! but i never travel.. LOL.. i want to, though...
Are you a day or a night person? : night... Night nyaman...
Are you environment friendly? : at times
Do you have any addictions? : Yup! Korean boybands of course...
Are you a cleanliness freak? : tak la segedik tu!! clean biase2 je la..
Do you help others in your neighborhood? : not really..
Did you like this survey? : PANJANG SGT LA!klau pendek suke la..

huh!!!! letihnye menjawab!!!!
dah siap!!! sape2 yg suke membace tu, sile lah bace.. yang PEMALAS mcm Sya tu.. xyah bace.. scroll2 je..

k lah! until here! jigeum kkaji... huhu..


Eunhyuk-sshi, dashi Saranghamnida!!!

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