A day as Dentist's Assistant ^_^

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, October 14, 2009

huhuhu... Today I spend whole day at University Malaya. (dekat² je la.. bukan dlm UM pn..)

And I went to the dentist department at University Malaya Specialist Centre.
Woah! Best gileee...! I am the dentist's assistant for today! \(",)/

This is the dentist department!! Second floor. A few patients only! That's why I spend all day in the department happily... ha ha ha!

Woah! look at the equipment.... Biase je equipment diye.. But the equipment here is better than other Private dentist. Seriously!! and the fees also expensive than the private department.
The 'tong sampah' also make me pay attention on it.. ngehehe ^____^
peeh~ full of blood and gauzes and paper cups and virus and kuman² and everything!!!

Ahah!! This is my patient for today.. akakakaka....
My Grandma o_o"
Her doctor said she had a swelling gums, but the dentist said she only had a dry mouth, and a few broken teeth, so they took off the tooth. Woah!! Bleeding keeps on getting out.. Eottoehke to stop it..!!??? So I have to press the gauze inside Grandma's gums. Huh, have to wait for 4 hours.. we went home almost 8 o'clock!!

Grandma felt uncomfortable with these gauze and her gums a bit hurt. Poor her, WHY THE DENTIST TOOK OFF HER TOOTH WHILE SHE IS JUST AN OLD LADY!!??? WAE!?
(bak kate mama "xde pasal, carik pasal!")

Wooooh!! After tired being dentist's assistant for 4 hours, let's have a cone-cup of water to hilangkan haus! hehehe

Although only cold water, but still it's refreshing....
and I had a piece of Hot Dog and Chocolate+peanut waffle... hehehehe...
Nice one!!!!

That's all!!!
It's so tough being a dentist's assistant because we have to bare the patient's needs. Aigoo..

Ok..ok.. finish all the talking. I have to go. Grandma call for me!
Ira : Ye?! nk ape?
Grandma : Nekbu nak berak la. Tolong!
Ira : Allah!!! (dlm hati)

................ o_o" what a day..~

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