To a dear best friend,

Irah Aizi
Thursday, March 31, 2011

I end up being so..... lonely....

Once upon a time,
I have these 2 so-call-new friends, their names are Bablo(bukan nama sebenar) and Santiago(bukan nama sebenar)..
My Best friend like Bablo(admit it, ma fren!) while I like Santiago..

My Best friend likes to talk to them while I don't.
She often call them and have a chat while I don't have a damn idea what to chat with them.
Bablo and Santiago are both nice friends, but sometimes I feels like 'WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING CHATTING WITH THEM?' and sometimes I don't feel any worth of it.. But since I don't have to pay any cents on calling them, so I guess it is worthless (^_^)v hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahaha...

And I don't know WHY I bought that number... is it because of them?
Well.. mainly IT IS because of them... (Again.. admit it, ma fren! You bought it because of him~)
I asked myself manyyyyy times "It is not even worth it paying RM18 because of them, so why I have to buy it???", then... I lost my RM18 and there goes my money for treating a few friends for Tutti Frutti....
I was keeping that RM50 notes for them.. but in the end... it was used..... unconsciously... kekeke....... =_=

Although I am looking for a boyfriend (well, since I am pretty lonely though) but hanging out with a new guy friend doesn't suits me at all...
I would get excited for a few days, and then let it go like it never happens to me...
Well, that's me..! That's why until now the only friends I have is 7G and my 2 classmates, Rowena and Alia.............

Demit!! How can I make new friends then......????

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