Movie Marathon!

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Movie Marathon with Rowena.
Monday - Green Hornet
Tuesday - HAQ & Mr. & Mrs. Incredible

For the very first time in my life..... I went to a FREE CINEMA.
After done watching HAQ, Rowena and me accidentally went out through the entrance door and suddenly we found no way out, so we sneaked into another cinema, and end up watching free movie ^_^
Mr. & Mrs. Incredible was veryyyy funny, after watching the lame yet cool movie, HAQ.

Why I called it lame? Because :-
1) Adiputra should practice his French and Mandarin lines. He talks one word at a time
2) I am jealous of the cool cars! (Damn! They have red Ferrari!!)
3) Lots of 18sx scenes =_=
4) I don't like the ending. (Whyy? That handsome Adiputra died...)
5) NO ONE in the cinema except Rowena and Me.

So far, only Jay Chou stole my heart. :D

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