7G CNY Hangout!

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, February 02, 2011

7G met up again!!!!! *excited*
And this time Masd, Farizan, Farra, Wanie, Najah and Me! ♥
I wore Baju Kurung today, and although it felt awkward, but who cares?!
I just wanna wear it :p
Najah came late though :)
We ate at Madam Kwan's, and then we were...... GOSSIPING for sure! ^_^

This is our FIRST time went to Pavilion without any purpose =_=
Usually we will go for movies or karaoke, but we end up doing nothing. We were ruining our legs though. Walking...... Shopping! xp
Farra was like 'Should I buy that shoe? Should I? erm... Later lah. Erm.. Should I?'
Wanie was like 'Who's joining tomorrow? Let's do it tomorrow!'
Farizan was cursing the wholeeee time.. Syed!♥ (hahaha)
Mas was like searching for bags, but end up giving up because nothing interesting.

I LIKE the gossip part! hahahahahha

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