Irah Aizi
Monday, January 10, 2011

Curse you!!!!!!!! =_=

Ya Allah, thank you because you give me a kind heart. Or else, I would have curse that lady in front of her!!!!! infront of everybody!!!!!
I thought I already inform her about changing course to Uni of Greenwich.. but WHY she applied my ptptn to Uni Of Abertay Dundee!!!!????
and now I have to do things again! >.<
Have to apply a 'deletion letter' and apply again the 'ptptn loan'

And she said I'll get the ptptn loan around May 2011.
MAY???!!!! You are FREAKIN' JOKING me!!
Can't buy my own Laptop for now............. T_T
As what Sya said "Bulan 5 nanti baru la awak kaya.."

Give thanks to Allah, for the moon and the sun...... (lagu penenang)

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